Sink or Swim – Adapting Your Marketing During COVID-19

Apr 15, 2020

Sink or Swim - Adapting your Marketing during COVID-19During this challenging time of confusion and uncertainty due to COVID-19, many brands are being forced to think on their feet and adapt quickly.

Some brands are focusing on business continuity planning, so they can communicate early and often, while others are choosing to be silent.

We believe that now, more than ever, is a time for creativity, keeping an open mind, and being flexible so that you can adjust your marketing strategies and tactics accordingly. Here are some articles along with some recommendations that we suggest to help you navigate the current and future state of marketing during and after COVID-19 as it relates to changing customer behavior patterns and engagement levels.

How COVID-19 is Shaping Google Search Trends & Patterns [Data]Business 2 Community 


  • COVID-19 searches peak early in the morning or late at night. Avoid exhausting your daily ad spend by bidding down during these off-hours or having your campaigns run during profitable times.
  • Regularly review the emerging search trends in the Google Trends Coronavirus Hub and be prepared to add new negative keywords to your campaigns. 

10 Customer Engagement Strategies to Try When Your Event is Canceled


  • Keep meetings you had previously set up by sending a video message stating that you’d still like to keep the appointment and accompanying the message with a coffee e-gift card.
  • Team up with other event sponsors and host a live virtual event – this provides added value to your online event and will likely get a higher response rate. 

Tips for Sending Effective Email Blasts During CrisisLitmus


  • Avoid unnecessary CTAs, keeping them relatable to the message and environment, not a campaign you’re doing. You can still provide contact info, should the reader like more information. 
  • Double-check your automated and trigger emails to ensure you’re sensitive to the situation at hand (double-check subject lines and wording). Also be mindful that you’re not inundating your email list with messages from your organization.

How to Be An Outstanding Leader in a Remote Work World Citrix


  • Employees need psychological safety now, more than ever, as they are under a lot of pressure to perform on their jobs as well as to adapt to the new changes within their household. Managers can help by creating a judgment-free zone of acceptance and security among their employees.
  • Focus on creating trust and transparency by communicating early and often with your team. Also, encourage empathy among all your employees, and ultimately, be the leader your company needs both during this crisis and beyond. 

Essential Services – Tips for Weathering the StormOwner Resource Group


  • Set up a COVID-19 war room by appointing a team who can make quick decisions and create a critical business continuity plan for all scenarios. Also, don’t just plan for today, plan for what your business may look like post-crisis, so you can set up your business to outperform the competition once this pandemic is over.
  • Prepare for customer behavior changes because the world won’t be the same after this crisis. Adapt your technology, shift to digital solutions and automation, and keep a close eye on changing trends.

How We’re Managing Work From Home for our Team and ClientsRICOH


  • Reassure your clients that you are here for them and are committed to their success, while you and your team adjust to the new normal.
  • Maintain proper posture by creating an ergonomic setup that works for you and take purposeful breaks every 25 minutes from sitting at your desk. 

It is our hope that these strategies will assist you in achieving your business and marketing goals despite all the challenges we’re presently facing. For even more tried-and-true strategies to help you stay productive and healthy while you work from home, take a look at these tips from our experienced remote team.

Best of luck. Stay safe. And if there’s any way that we can be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.