Why are so many B2B organizations not getting the message?

Jun 6, 2017

Marketing and Sales CommunicationsRemember that childhood game where your class would line up and someone would whisper something into the first kid’s ear, then they’d turn and whisper it to the next one in line? The goal, of course, was to have the same “secret” come out at the other end. However, what was often revealed would barely resemble the original comment.

Sadly, many B2B organizations play this game on a daily basis. That’s because, without a formal messaging platform, you can hardly expect your experienced employees to do any better than an elementary class when marketing and selling your products.

If there was only one sales tactic, everyone could always be on the same page—and promoting your products and services in the same way. But as you know, there are many different options available. And as you’ve probably experienced, how your CEO describes your products is often very different than your sales team which is different than marketing and so on and so on.

The good news is much of this variance can be avoided with a solid messaging platform. The obvious benefit is that it gets your various sales, marketing and other employees (and hopefully, your executive team) in alignment on how to describe your company, products and/or services clearly and consistently. But the benefits don’t stop there. With a well-built messaging platform, you can:

  • Build brand equity in your company, product or service
  • Create differentiation and a clear market position amongst your competition
  • Ensure your various vendors have easy-to-use copy points for creating content
  • Helps build a larger and more consistent narrative that can be extended across your sales enablement, PR/IR/AR, marcom, advertising and other external-facing materials
  • Provides a “North Star” for marcom and other copy development, both internally and externally
  • Creates topic tracks for ongoing content marketing, and more

At GET LIFT, we help marketers devise messaging that matters to what SiriusDecisions now calls the Demand Unit —The buying group that has been organized to address a need the organization is challenged with. And our messaging development process is rooted in the SiriusDecisions “Messaging Nautilus” methodology which is centered on the Demand Unit’s needs rather than the product’s benefits.

Our approach is clearly defined and, unlike some others, is not a “we’ll be back in six weeks with your final messaging” plan. We employ a two-way, highly interactive engagement where, together, we dive in to fully understand all of your key stakeholders, influencers and target audiences to determine their concerns, care-about’s and triggers. We then validate our findings, confirm our approach with your team, and only then do we set about to craft positioning and messaging that resonates internally and externally.

Our goal with every messaging engagement is simple: To deliver a copy platform that can be used by any employee—at any level—to clearly and consistently describe your company or products.

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