4 Strategies for Attracting High-Quality Leads to Your Next Webinar

Feb 16, 2021

B2B Webinar eBook for MarketersLooking to engage B2B leads and convert them into customers? You probably already know that hosting an informative, well-produced B2B webinar is one of the best ways to do that.

So how do you get people to show up to your webinar?

Promote it everywhere: start by focusing on the channels where your audience spends their time, then use these 6 best practices to get a good turnout:

1. Create a custom landing page

Everyone who registers for your B2B webinars will see your landing page: make it easy to register and be clear about what the benefits of attending the webinar will be. A few pointers:

  • Put the main benefit in the headline.
  • Remove site navigation and links to give people one option: to sign up.
  • Keep the copy and registration form short and sweet.
  • Make the call-to-action button obvious and easy to see.

2. Promote with email

Email is THE most effective promotion tool for B2B webinars. According to a GoToWebinar report, it drives close to 80% of registrations. Start by sending emails 3-4 weeks before your event and increase frequency as it gets closer. And don’t forget to share the email templates with your sales reps so they can customize and send to prospects as well.

DID YOU KNOW? 11% of attendees sign up on the day of the event? For more stats on the best times to send emails, read “How to Attract Webinar Attendees in the Age of Digital EventseBook.

3. Promote with paid and organic social

Start promoting on social 3-4 weeks ahead of time, increasing frequency as the event gets closer.

  • Choose a hashtag for the webinar and use it on all your posts.
  • Post short teaser videos and include any well-known speakers.
  • Link to blogs and other content that promotes your webinar.
  • Run paid ads on Google and on your audience’s preferred social networks.

4. Use your blog to support your webinar

Provide a high-level overview of your topic, dive deep into a specific angle, or interview your webinar speaker(s). Posts should always include a call to action asking readers to sign up for the webinar with a link.

BONUS TIP: Reward them for showing up – and for staying till the end

Offer a gift card to a specific retailer, a free consult or a VIP experience with your company for signing up to the webinar – or for attending your session. You can also encourage them to stay for the whole webinar by offering a bonus towards the end: try a spin the wheel prize, a draw or the chance to win a prize for being the first to answer a question correctly…these provide great incentive to stick around.

If you want people to show up to your B2B webinar, do everything you can to get the word out. Focus on the channels where your audience spends their time, give them meaningful reasons to attend with clear benefits and high-value incentives, and you’ll garner an engaged audience of quality leads.