Is Creating Buyer Personas STILL” On Your To-Do List?”

Mar 22, 2016

Buyer Persona Checklist

If you’re like many B2B marketers, you’re familiar with the concept of buyer personas and understand how valuable they can be. However, “COMPLETE BUYER PERSONAS” usually sits on a to-do list just waiting to be checked off. So what’s the hold-up? It’s definitely not for a lack of wanting to do it. However, many marketers feel uncertain about how to actually get started with the process.


During a recent webinar we conducted with Sirius Decisions and Cintell, 35% of attendees responded that they had not started their persona journey. And an additional 30% did not use a full combination of Internal interviews + Customer Interviews + 3rd party research when compiling their interviews.

Buyer Persona Interview

At GET LIFT, we believe that Buyer Personas are the foundation of all marketing efforts. We empower clients to bring that rich knowledge to their organizations.

Think of the process as an investigative project, where you’re looking for clues that help you understand the needs and perspectives of your buyer(s), to the point that you’re able to create a detailed composite of who you need to engage with and influence in order to be successful in your market space.  

Before you start, get project buy-in from sales, product and marketing stakeholders. There are three main reasons for this:

  • They should have input during the internal interview process
  • Sales will help connect you to customers that you can interview
  • They will use the output of the persona exercise: B2B Persona Profiles and the Buyer Cycle Mapping

Once they’re on board, we suggest gathering information from a variety of sources that may give you the clues that you’re looking for. Our handy B2B Buyer Persona Checklist has a list of sources that will help you develop rich powerful B2B Personas!

Let us help you get one more thing off that to-do list, so that you can have confidence in your marketing and communication strategies!