Managed Service Providers: 15 Questions to Help You Evaluate Marketing Agencies

Oct 24, 2019

Two hearts intersect to form a third heart signifying client and agency relationship.Managed Service Providers face marketing challenges that are not inherently present for all B2B companies.

Due to the technical nature of MSP services, crafting marketing communications is more complex. The sales cycle is longer, necessitating nurturing to keep you top of mind. A deluge of constant information, updates and noise is vying for the attention of your target audience.

In addition to offering technology, you are also selling your knowledge – which may not be understood or properly valued by your audience. The pressure is on MSP marketing to convey the benefits and true value offered.

Combine that with a self-proclaimed lack of in-house resources and marketing knowledge and you can see the struggle is real.

A marketing agency partner allows MSPs to leverage their experience, skills and knowledge to better position themselves in the marketplace.

However, it’s important to note that the same complexities that make it difficult for MSPs to market successfully, apply to agencies as well. Finding an agency with the required knowledge and experience is integral to successful outcomes.

Before engaging an agency, sit down and discuss the questions below to determine if they are a viable marketing solution.

1. Start by determining if the agency has specific experience with MSPs. Get granular here. Look for:

a. Specific experience in your focused niche
b. Specific experience with an MSP of your size
c. Specific experience putting together strategy and campaigns that target your target audience

2. Find an agency that understands consumer behavior and their transition between online and offline content consumption. The agency should be comfortable with both online and offline marketing tactics.

3. Find one that isn’t afraid to show proven results they are getting

After selecting an agency that meets the initial criteria, explore the following areas:

Objectives & Success

  1. Will they work with you on your goals and objectives?
  2. How do they measure success?
  3. Who are some of their previous/current clients that you could speak with?
  4. Do they work with any of your direct/indirect competition?

    Team Fit

  5. Who will be on the team that manages/works on your account? How do you know you won’t be relegated to their “C” team?
  6. Ask them to outline the process to determine if you are a good fit in work style


  7. How much communication and reporting is included?
  8. How often do you meet in person or on scheduled calls?
  9. What involvement will you/your team play in the strategy and execution?


  10. How long is onboarding and ramp-up process?
  11. What do the first 3 months look like?

    Strategy & Tactics

  12. What are the biggest gaps/challenges they see for you?
  13. What tactics will likely be part of the strategy?
  14. Do they understand our buyers journey?


  15. Understand the contract length and details

After the interview process, do a gut check to see what your instincts tell you and evaluate the responses. Do you feel confident?

Engaging with an agency should result in measurable outcomes showing an upward trajectory during ramp up and should ultimately result in a strong increase in ROI as the campaigns mature.

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