Your webinar is a content goldmine: 5 ways to reuse content you’ve already got

Mar 25, 2021

Repurposing ContentA successful B2B webinar shouldn’t be a “one and done” scenario. A webinar can actually be an incredible resource for content that you can use, reuse and repurpose in a variety of different ways to get even more eyeballs on your message. In fact, if you don’t use it in more than one way, you’re leaving a ton of opportunity (and probably quite a few leads) on the table.

For squeezing the most “juice” out of your content, reuse it wherever, however and as often as you can. It’s the best way to reach more people. 

After all, we all like to consume information in different ways, so someone without the time or inclination to attend a 30- or 60-minute webinar may be more receptive to smaller, more digestible bits of information. Plus, the more variations of your content are out there, the better it is for organic SEO.

5 easy ways to get the most out of your marketing investment:

1. Promote the heck out of it

Upload the webinar recording within 24 hours of the live event on a gated landing page, and link to it from every communication you send out. Include it in your monthly newsletter or other lead magnets, share it on social media, add it as a call to action at the end of a blog post or provide a link to it in your company’s email signatures…anything that drives traffic to it. You can also send the link and event description to your sales team with an email template: that way they can send it as value-add info to prospects and clients.

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2. Chop it up into “snackable” content

Repurposing is the most efficient way to create lots of content, and a webinar is a rich foundation for all kinds of information your audience will fund useful. Not everyone will attend your webinar, but that’s okay: they’ll get the message on social media, watch videos on YouTube, listen to a podcast, and snap up engaging images, infographics and listicles that highlight top takeaways. And don’t forget: always offer a link back to the full webinar to give make the original content easy to access.

3. Write about it

Creating blog posts with key takeaways from the webinar is another way to drive value. Expand on interesting topics, write profiles of the webinar participants that highlight them as subject matter experts, or dive a little deeper into the topic with a white paper, ebook or long-form blog. Include write-ups about it in email blasts and monthly newsletters, offer value with free information guides, and have your leaders and other influencers write LinkedIn posts about the webinar to spread the word and position your company as a thought leader even further.

4. Post a transcript with the video to boost SEO

Search engines can’t watch video or hear audio, but they do like text. Providing a transcription along with the video is a great idea from an SEO perspective – it will help drive traffic to your site. It also offers a convenient alternative for people who are more interested in reading/skimming through the content than sitting through a webinar.

5. Leverage your audience engagement data

Stats speak volumes, so share everything you’ve got that people might find useful. Conduct polls, engage people with quizzes and ask questions during the live event, then turn that data into additional content. Include it in research reports, white papers, blog posts, and media pitches, and link back to the webinar as your source.

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